“UGC” – What’s That??

By Jayne Cole

Underground Church began on Wednesday nights, 7 years ago, in the basement of Mary Castleberry.  When she moved to Wyoming, UGC continued at the lovely home of the Knights and the name stayed, even though we meet on the main floor! 

Are you wondering how to get connected with people at TRUTH Church Calvary?  Wednesday nights at UGC gives you that opportunity.  We meet at 7:00 pm and are greeted warmly and lovingly by Gary and Peggy, who are blessed with the gift of hospitality.  Their home is perfect for us to sit on couches, chairs or at the table next to friendly people who are part of the family of God.  It’s a safe place to share what has been going on in our lives and encourage one another.  In case you were wondering, they live on a cul-de-sac so there is plenty of street parking in front of their home. 

Some Wednesday nights we start out with beautiful worship and prayer before Sam opens the Word and teaches us (currently in Numbers).  The Old Testament is a picture of what’s happening in the New Testament and Sam has a special way of making Bible truths relevant to where we live today.  

Other Wednesdays we might begin with prayer requests and intercession for our church (without worship) before Sam teaches us from God’s Word.  Peggy always has coffee, tea, water and delicious desserts and snacks on their kitchen counter for us to enjoy.

The first Wednesday of each month we usually have an Agape Feast and gather at 6:30 for food and sweet fellowship.  Gary and Peggy have tables set up in their living room where we eat and get to know those sitting around us.  It’s not uncommon to see people taking a moment to pray for someone who has felt safe to express a need while we’re eating. 

If you have never attended UGC, you’re missing a wonderful blessing and a whole lot of laughter!  It’s the best time of the week to get to know the family better.  Why not visit next week, May 3rd 6:30 pm, for the Agape Feast!  You won’t be disappointed, but will feel loved, accepted, and full when you leave!  UGC = Underground Church.  Now you know! 

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