Why do kids run down the sidewalk to attend Kids’ Church every Sunday morning? Because they love their volunteer teachers, the outstanding online Calvary curriculum that is taught, and the joy they experience learning about Jesus and the Bible.   

The children are separated into age-appropriate classes from birth to 12 years old.  Background checks are ordered for each teacher and safety measures are taken to make sure the children are learning in a secure environment.   

Todd and Song Godwin, one of our married couples who teach in the Children’s Ministry, recently commented on how much they have loved teaching children ages 6-12 for the last two years. They make class so much fun by joking around, having snacks, crafts, competition with the children on Bible word search, and prizes for scripture memorization, besides teaching the great curriculum. 

Quoting Todd and Song, “The kiddos teach us a lot of valuable lessons and they are smart, beautiful, witty, innocent and playful. We love how much they enjoy the Bible teaching and many are well-versed in the scriptures…so be prepared!”    

If you love children and feel the Lord is calling you to serve, please contact Erica Park, Director of Children’s Ministry.  Be prepared to be blessed!

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